Monday, June 11, 2012

The World Within

Limits, boundaries, borders, barriers, limits--all can be summed up in the word definition. Our world is well defined: centuries ago, explorers ventured forth from the City and found the ends of the world, the curve of the sphere, creating the pocket that we live within.
The red magma sphere we call the sun spins in the centre of our world, and we are warmed by its glow. We know when it will shine, and when it will dim. We know how much light, darkness, heat, cold, wind, and water will be available to us next season and next year.

This world is finite.

Though we have an abundance of resources (food, metals, water, animals, plants,) we are bound and our hands tied by the limit of space. The ground is impenetrable, no matter how far we dig, and no matter how ardently we wish for more, we all know that some day soon we will be a people too numerous to dwell within this pocket world.

- from the pen of the Grand Master Librarian, Tykus IV

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  1. Sweet! This is similar to my Aquasphere campaign setting -- it's a giant planet-sized air bubble floating in the middle of the Elemental Plane of Water, with some sort of fleshy mass/god creature as a "central sun". I'm running a Burning Wheel Aquasphere campaign right now, and ran 3.5e in it a long while back.