Tuesday, July 9, 2013

FLGS Game -- Second Session Recap

I ended up with 6 players for the second session. They are as follows...
Steve, from last time
Scott, from last time
Cale, from last time
Dave, from last time
Jordan, a complete novice to RPGs (he plays Magic regularly and is probably 18)
Chase, another complete novice to RPGs (he also plays Magic and is 16)

The Setup:
We helped the two new guys roll up characters--they ended up with a Ranger and a Magic User. Good additions to the party.
I had the novices arrive via another "regularly scheduled caravan" of reinforcements for their encampment (thanks to Lord Jameson) and they had a near miss with some bandits on the road in. This gave the party another hook to the area near where they slayed the Ogre last time, and allowed me to showcase more content in the area.

The Adventure:
The group ventured forth and found the tracks of the bandits who attacked a recent caravan. They set a pretty interesting trap (trip wire to drop oil into a big fire) and had the Dwarf and a Cleric "pull" the bandits in. The bandits weren't that big of a threat, so were dispatched quite quickly. After the fight the adventurers had tied up the bandit captain and took him back to town. After questioning him, they discovered that the bandits kept their big stash of loot on a small mountainside to the west of where they found him--due north from the town.

After a good bit of roleplay in town regarding whether or not to subdue the Dwarf and steal the mysterious gem (see session 1) to have it destroyed/cleansed/secured... basically the Dwarf (Cale) has failed a saving throw or two against its effects, so he can't resist keeping it, and it's corrupting him slowly to Chaos's purposes.
I had some good chances to pull aside players and talk to them separately to see how they are handling this. Ended with Cale burying a rock in a bag to make them think it was the gem. The other PCs had someone follow him and tell the local high priest. Their plan for next week is to pay the innkeeper to retrieve the gem out of his room with the Priest's help. They are DETERMINED to get it out of his hands...

After this, they discovered that the small mountainside where they expected a bandit stash also contained a young black dragon. They talked the new guy out of fighting it.

On their way back, another Ogre (apparently this is their territory) attacked. They put this one to sleep and followed his tracks back to his lair, in a large gorge full of caves. (These Caves seem a bit Chaotic... *cough*)

After a night of rest they dove into the Ogre's cave, killed the large Ogre brute they found inside (again with a Sleep spell--I need to see what I can do about that...  ) and found a secret door into a section of worked tunnels!

That's where we wrapped, as it was almost 4pm.

- The new guys really got into it without much help
- I loved getting to pull a player away from the table for secret actions, then getting to ask the rest of the table for theirs
- They are still being *very* cautious all the time, and PARANOID. The more paranoid they are, the more they feed my world creation. I love seeing what they're afraid of so I can expand it. Especially when they're afraid of something that is actually *good* ;D

- Not enough time. We burned through our four hour slot in no time!

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