Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Houses of Stone: Turning it Into a Setting?

I posted this on G+ the other day but want to put it out there in a more permanent form.

As of this week, I'm working on turning my Houses of Stone world into a publishable (and hopefully, eventually, a published) setting book.

My plan is to do a brief book or booklet for all this.

Here's what I want to include:

  • Intro (Thematic details, how to utilize the book)
  • Thematic Hooks (Ideas, samples of how to hook PCs into African style adventures)
  • Map (Abstract showing types of locations that should/could be included)
    • Location type descriptions
  • Equipment (Specific gear, weapons, etc and how some might differ mechanically from traditional)
  • Alternate XP system (stories instead of gold--playing up the oral history preference )
  • NPCs
    • Adversaries
    • Allies
  • WM tables
    • Wilderness
    • Dungeons
  • Sample dungeon

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