Sunday, January 15, 2012

Media Moguls Just Don't Get the Internet

So, I was going to write a nice tirade against old media and their moguls. I was going to tell you all about how these gentlemen and ladies don't understand the internet well enough to market their stuff on it successfully.

But I think we all get that. These are the people in the U.S. who support laws like SOPA and PIPA. People who want to warp and bend the internet (twist it, really) into something they can monetize and capitalize on.

Here is a prime example. Rupert Murdoch, of NewsCorp, has ranted against President Obama, Google, and pretty much the way in which the internet works. This man does not understand that HIS industry is the problem.

They just don't get the internet.

Read for yourself: Rupert Murdoch Calls Google a "Piracy Leader"

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